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Athena by Kelseyalicia Athena by Kelseyalicia
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Fiction Rated: T - English - Adventure - Reviews: 41 - Published: 06-30-05 - Updated: 07-27-05 - Complete id:2463061

My name is Athena Themyscira the Princess of the Amazons. I have ivory skin, long black hair, and emerald green eyes. I am the daughter Queen Diana and the spiritual father Tyson Bay. And the granddaughter of Queen Hippalayta and if rumors are true the God of the Dead, Hades. I am known as the champion Wonder Girl. To understand my history I must talk about my mother’s life after the Justice League disbanded and what she did before she became Queen of the Amazons.

The Justice League had disbanded for reasons unknown to me. My mother headed to New York City to try and start a new life for herself as an Ambassador for the Amazons. Even though she was welcomed back home she didn’t wish to return home right away. She didn’t know how her sisters would react to her return so she decided to try and make Themyscira recognized as a country. It was about a month after she began her work at the UN that she was attending a party hosted by one of NYC finest that she met Tyson Bay.

My mother was sipping her cocktail talking about work with several other UN members along with several of NYC richest people. My mother was wearing that black dress she had worn at that party so long ago. She excused herself went outside to stand on the balcony she sighed. She was remembering past times and thinking about her friends. Batman in particular. Though their relationship never worked out they remained good friends. “What am I doing here? This party is no fun at all,” she said out loud.

“If I had to answer that I say you’re bored out of your mind.” A voice told her. She turned to see a tall white man with dark curly brown hair and emerald eyes step onto the balcony. He was wearing a black tux. “My apologize for intruding. I just had to get away for a while. My name is Tyson, Tyson Bay. The trillionair philaporest who is hosting this momentous, but boring occasion.” He said holding out his hand.

My mother shook his hand. “;Pleasure to meet you Mr. Bay. My name is Diana. I’m sorry if I insulted your party its just that I’ve been having a hard time lately. I’m trying to get my home Themyscira recognized as country, but with little success. I thought coming to this party would take my mind off things but it hasn’t.”

“Go ahead and insult the party. I really find these parties to be boring. I only host them because I like to help people and the UN helps many of my friends. It must be difficult for you. Trying to get your home recognized as part of the modern world when it doesn’t belief in modern ways. Why not just return home and forget it all together?” Tyson inquired.

“Because I was for a time banished from my home. I’m no longer banished and I can return it’s just that I don’t think it would be that easy for me. I wonder if my people would accept me.” My mother told him.

“I can sympathize with that. I wasn’t always rich. Returning to my hometown would be hard for me as well. Say why don’t we forget our troubles and go dancing? I love to dance and I bet you do as well.” Tyson said leading my mother back into the party where they spent the rest of the night together.

It was the start of a wonderful relationship. My mother was still a firm believer in her Amazon ways life. She didn’t think there was anything wrong with pursuing a friendship with a man. Besides she was lonely. It all started with coffee dates, but soon they were spending more and more time together. They began to seriously date. They attend gatherings, movies, and dinner engagements together. My mom loved his sense of adventure, his kindness towards others, and especially his laugh. He was fascinated by Greek mythology, and he was a born peacemaker. They were a lot alike.

They had been dating for almost two years when Tyson took my mom out on the most romantic date they had ever been on. They went to dinner at the most expensive restaurant around, a moonlight boat ride, followed by going to the New York Metropolitan Art Museum to see the new Greek art exhibit. They went back to his apartment. “Tyson that was the most romantic evening I ever had. I must admit that I never had so much fun before. These past two years have been the most enjoyable times of my times. Even my life with the Justice League hasn’t been this fulfilling.”

“I’m so glad that you enjoyed yourself Diana. That’s why I have something to ask you. I want you to think long and hard about this. Diana I respect your beliefs and I would never ask you to give up your vows of abstinence. But I feel if I don’t tell you how I feel I be ruining our friendship. Diana I love you. I love your beauty, intelligence, and your personality. The way you wish to help everyone and your desire to improve the world. In short I love everything about you and I hope that you feel the same way about me.” Tyson said to my mom. He made her sit and then kneeled in front of her. Opening a small black box her revealed a beautiful diamond and emerald engagement ring. “Diana, Princess of the Amazons, will you do the honor of being my wife?”

My mom stared at him for a long time. Never in her entire life did she expect something like this to happen. She had loved other men, but Tyson made her feel emotions she had never felt before. She truly loved this man and wanted to have a life with him. “Yes, I will marry you Tyson. It would be a great honor.” She let him slip the ring on and she kissed him on the lips.

The next three months were a flurry of activity. Wedding preparations had to be made, my mother moved in with Tyson, and a hundred of other things had to be taken care of. My mother and Tyson found a time to discuss very important issues. One of them was children. Both of them wanted a child, but there were difficulties.

“Diana talk to me please. This is an important subject to both of us.” Tyson begged her as they prepared for bed. They each slept in their own bed much to my mother’s relief.

“Tyson you know how I feel. Ever since I was banished from home only to be allowed back I’ve wanted a child. A little girl to keep me company. But after learning something disturbing about my own parentage I don’t know if I would be the best mother. Besides its not like we have any magical clay to sculpt a child out of and breathe life into it.” Diana told him as she brushed her hair furiously.

“Good thing to I’m not much of an artist. Though the myth of Galatea was one of my favorites. Diana listen to me. Whatever your parentage is won’t affect your child. We will love her just as much as any parent loves a child. All I want is our daughter to have my eyes so she can look at the world the way I do. Will find a way to have our child without you breaking your vows. By the way what would we name the little girl?” Tyson asked as he held her in his arms.

Diana didn’t hesitate. She had always known what she wanted to name her daughter. “Athena. During my youth my mother made me train so that on Festival days I could show my talents to the Goddess Athena. I think that since the armor I wore came from her temple she would be honored to have the child named after her. That is when we find a way to have her.”

“We will don’t you worry. One day both of us will be the proud parents of the most special little girl in the world.” Tyson told her kissing her good night.

But the Fates had something else in store for my mother as well as for my father. Both had important roles to play in what was to come. A week before the wedding my “father” was sleeping restlessly. He was having a terrible nightmare. In his nightmare it was warning him that his days where numbered. That the God of the Dead would have his soul. But that all was not lost, there was still something he could do for Diana and the daughter that would soon come into existence. He woke up panting heavily and dripping of sweat.

Diana flickered on the light. Sleepily she asked, “Tyson? It’s two in the morning. What’s wrong? Why are you up?”

“I had a bad dream that’s all. It means nothing just go back to sleep. Dream about how handsome I’ll look in my tux at the wedding.” Tyson told her. She smiled and went back to sleep. But Tyson didn’t go back to bed. At least not right away. He knew what he experienced was no ordinary dream. There were preparations he had to take care of. He left a message with his lawyer that he wanted to talk to him first thing in the morning.

The day finally arrived. Everything was prepared. The church was set up, the reception was ready, and the guest had arrived. Everything was perfect. Nothing could spoil this day. My mother gown was a Greek wedding gown. She was so happy. She only wished that her mother and sisters were here. Finally it was time for the wedding to begin. The wedding march began and she started to walk down the aisle holding her beautiful bouquet of flowers. She reached the alter and stood next to Tyson.

The pastor began to perform the wedding ceremony. He talked about what good people my parents were and how much they loved each other. That through all the difficulties and obstacles in their lives they had found one another and had decided to spend the rest of their lives together. He hoped that nothing would break the love they felt for one another. He then exchanged them exchange their vows of love and place the rings on each other finger. Right before he could pronounce them husband and wife Tyson clutched his chest in pain falling to the floor.

All the guest stared in horror. Diana kneeled next to her almost husband asking him what was wrong. The ambulance arrived and took them both to the hospital. Their Tyson was diagnosed with a massive heart attack, which surprised doctors. He had just had a physical three weeks ago and it indicated no problems. He died an hour later in Diana’s arms. His last words were “I love you Diana and I love our daughter to.” Diana was too upset to figure out what he meant by that.

Two weeks later she was sitting in the office of Tyson lawyer, Mr. Forrest, waiting for him to read the will. She was still very upset and was trying to piece together what was going on with her life. Where the Gods punishing her for attempting to marry a man? “Ms. What did you say your name was again?” Mr. Forrest asked gently.

“Themyscira. I’m Diana Themyscira. Please could you just read the document? I’m not in the mood for pleasantries.” Diana told him.

“Yes of course. As you already know your late fiancée left some of his money to a variety of charities and to his family. His business and other holdings are to be taken care of by a mutual third party but you own them as well as the bulk of the fortune. There is also a special provision that he had me write up just a week before he died. It states that any daughter of yours that you give birth to in the future will be considered his and inherit everything from him that he gave to you as well as a special trust fund. This letter explains everything.”

Diana took the letter and read it. It was short simple and to the point. Smiling she thanked Mr. Forrest and told him she was going to make some arrangements before returning home and that she wanted him to stay the family lawyer. Five weeks later after quitting her job at the UN and make final preparations with Tyson finances and things she headed home to Themyscira. She had a lot to tell her mother.

It took a week to reach the island on her own power but when she finally arrived the welcoming she received surprised Diana. Everyone presented arms to her and threw laurel wreaths at her. When she reached the palace her mother Hippolyta greeted her. “Diana, my sun and stars I’ve missed you so much. Welcome home my daughter.” She said hugging her tightly.

“I missed you to Mother. Mother there are things I wish to discuss with you.” Diana said to her.

“Can it not wait Diana? I have festivities set up to honor your return home.” Hippolyta told her. One look at her daughter face convinced her otherwise. She instructed her guards to inform the others that they would be celebrating Princess Diana return later. She then led her to her private chambers to talk. “What is it you wanted to tell me that was so important and before you answer that why has it taken you so long to return? The Gods informed me that the Justice League disbanded two years ago I thought you would have returned then not now. What have you been doing these past two years?”

“I didn’t return home right away Mother because I was unsure of how I be treated. I know that you unbanished me and that I am welcomed back but how would my sisters view me? The banished princess who left our home to defend Mans World? I couldn’t face them back then. So I decided to try to get our home recognized as a country so that if we had any more cases like Arisha or other disasters we would get help. It seems silly now.” Diana told her looking down at the floor.

“It doesn’t sound silly to me. You are a princess after all. You were looking out for Themyscira best interest. There’s something else bothering you I can tell.” Hippolyta said gently. She put a reassuring hand on her daughter shoulder.

“I fell in love Mother. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself. I was lonely and I didn’t know if I was ever going to return home. Before you ask no I never broke any of my vows and we were going to get married …” Diana said hurriedly before her mother held up a hand to stop her.

“Even I can understand the desire to love. Men can be quite charming and sometimes you can’t help yourself. Know this, I will always love you no matter what choices you make. So you said you where going to get married. What happened?” Hippolyta asked

“On the day of our wedding he died. I’m still trying to get over the lose. It hurts more because I discovered the Gods did so that I would return here. So after I settle my affairs in Mans World I returned here. But I discovered something last night just before I arrived. I’m eight weeks pregnant Mother. The Gods told me in a dream that child I carry is born of my blood and the spirit of my deceased lover Tyson. I just don’t know what I’m going to do.” Diana told her mother crying.

Hippolyta looked at her daughter and at her belly where her granddaughter was growing. She had also received special dreams from the Gods informing her of her daughter return and what she must know do. “Here’s what where going to do Diana. Where going to prepare for your daughter’s birth. Meanwhile I’m going to step down from being Queen and you will take over so that when your daughter’s born she will be the new princess. Alright?” Diana nodded her head.

The Ceremony of making my mother Queen was plain and simple. My Grandmother simply gave her crown to my mother who now wore a dress similar to her mothers except for a long flowing white robe. Then with the help of her sisters they prepared for my birth. Everyone was excited and couldn’t wait for the new princess.

Finally the day of my birth arrived. The pains started early in the morning and by the evening the contractions had arrived. My mother was exhausted, sweaty, and in tremendous pain but with my grandmother coaching, Eileithia, the Goddess of Childbirth assisting, and a midwife, Iola, there my mother gave one finale push Iola announced, “Your daughter has arrived your Highness and she’s perfectly healthy. Would you like to hold her?”

“Yes please give her to me.” My mother instructed tiredly. Iola handed me to my mother. She stroked my black curls. “Hello there my little moon and stars. I’m your mother, Diana. This is your grandmother Hippolyta. Your name is Athena after the Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy.” She gasped as I opened my eyes and looked at her. My eyes were the same emerald green as Tyson’s. “I don’t believe it.”

“The Gods have kept their promise. Now we must go to the Temple of the Goddess. The priestess is waiting to do Athena’s augur reading, the reading of her destiny so that the Goddess can grant their gifts to her. Do you require assistance?” Hippolyta asked. My mother shook her head and stood up. Together they walked to the temple where the Goddess had assembled. Every Amazon had a birth reading, but only those of royal blood where blessed with gifts. However there was a surprise visitor waiting for them in the temple.

“Star! What are you doing here? I didn’t expect to see you here.” Diana said to the Entity standing before her. She clutched me tightly afraid to let me go.

“Diana you know why I’m here. I told you what I foresaw. I’m only here to remind you of what of the promise you made to me and to tell you that you will send Athena to Man’s World on her sixteenth birthday. I was also hoping I could stay for the reading.” Star told her plainly. She nodded her head and instructed the priestess to begin.

The priestess put some lion bones, sand, and stones into a pouch and chanted in Latin for a few minutes. She then turned the pouch upside down and opened it scattering the contents. After studying the layout she gave her predication. “Much of the little princess future is unclear for now. All that is known for certain is she will be the Champion of both our world and that of Mans. She will help shape Themyscira in ways that I can’t see. Goddess think carefully before you give your gifts.”

The Goddess assembled confers for a few minutes before they give their gifts. What they gave my mother and grandmother helped them greatly in their destinies. They can only hope that their gifts to me will be as successful.

Hera goes first and places a hand on my head. She smiles at me knowing that I will be content with any gift I get from her. “Your Majesty my gift shall be the gift of dignity. Your little one will be able to do the tasks at hand with great pride in herself.”

“I thank you Hera and so does Athena. Your gift is most appreciated.”

The next Goddess to approach me was the lovely Aphrodite. She touches me gently and speaks. “My gift is that of devotion. Devotion can come in many forms and she will know them all.”

Eos looked at me studying me. Finally she speaks. “As the Goddess of the Dawn I give the child radiance. Let it serve her as well as it has served me.”

Artimis spoke without hesitation. “The child shall be astute and clever. These gifts are a necessity if she is to be a champion of two worlds.”

Persephone gazed thoughtfully at the little baby in the Queen’s arms. Her gift must be very special to impress her. “I give her spunk. The girl will definitely need it if she turns out to be anything like her mother.”

“Wonderful gift my daughter now I shall share mine. For the princess I give her strength of person so that physically no one women or man can challenge her.” Demeter said pleasantly.

Hestia spoke up next. “Strength of person is good, but I believe that strength of the individual is just as important so that is what I give her.”

Nemesis looked at the two who had just spoken. “Both gifts are marvelous, but are nothing without the strength of purpose. May Athena always know what she wants.”

Harmonia turned to the two Amazon women and said, “All those things are important you must agree. Yet what are they worth if the child knows nothing of kindness? That shall be my gift.”

Everyone turned to face Athena. The Goddess was known for her thoughtful gifts. She held out her hands and Diana gave her daughter to her. She smiled down at the child. “I have no children of my own. I thank you for making me this child’s namesake. This girl shall make us all proud. I know much about wisdom and strategy, but I also know what it means to have understanding. So that is what I grant this child. The gift of understanding.” Athena said simply then gave the baby back.

Diana looked at Star who had been watching the proceedings quietly. “Do you wish to give my daughter a gift?” Star nodded and waved her hand over my tiny body. “The most important gift I give her is friendship. May she one day understand the true power of that gift.” With that said everyone disappeared and my mother and grandmother took me to be presented to my people.

The years passed and I grew from an adorable infant to a troublesome toddler. I was always getting into things and I hated being ordered around. My nursemaid found me to be unmanageable at times. One day when I was three years old I was sitting in my room being punished because I threw a temper tantrum because I didn’t want to work on my spinning wheel. Since I was named after the Goddess of the Patron Arts my mother thought I should have a firm grasp on all things related to the goddess. “Its no fair. I didn’t do anything wrong!” I complained loudly.

“I’m afraid that throwing your spinning wheel at your nursemaid something wrong my child. Athena what got into you? Lately it seems that you have no desire to listen to anyone.” My mother said to me sitting down next to me.

“That’s not true Mommy. I listen to you when you tell me stories about your live in Man’s World. I would listen to everyone else except they make me do such boring things. Your stories are so much more exciting. Please tell me one.” I begged. Even then I was very different then my sisters. I loved hearing my mother’s tales of her life with the Justice League, I dreamed of going to Man’s World, and I thought of men as equals. But the most visible difference where my eyes. No other Amazon had the same brilliant emerald green eyes.

“Tell you what my little moon and stars I’ll make you a deal. Since you have so much energy and you want something exciting to do will start your training tomorrow. I’m sure your nursemaid will be glad to hear that. In exchange I shall tell you one of my stories. Does that sound fair?” my mother asked me.

“You’re the Queen of the Amazons mommy. I’m just the princess and even princess have to obey their queens.” I told her. She laughed at my answer before she proceeded to tell me about a story about the time her and the League fought the evil Justice Lords. I hung on every word memorized by how someone like my mother could be evil in another life.

Training was very hard. I was a full year younger then the rest of my sisters so I had to work extra hard to keep up. There was so much to learn. My first year of training consisted of the basics such as swimming, gymnastics, horseback riding, and hand to hand combat. I also had to begin my regular studies and keep working at my spinning. My grandmother and mother also began tutoring me in the ways of being a queen and diplomat.

Though I knew the training was important I still sometimes felt resentful about it all. I mean our home was at peace and protective by the Gods. Why did we need a champion like me to protect it? Still I didn’t question my mother. I knew that in time all would be made clear.

By the time I was seven the gifts the Goddess had given me where more evident than before. I was also just beginning to come into my powers. I was faster and stronger than any of my sisters. In training I was now ahead of my sisters. Still I found time to play and have fun. My favorite thing to do was to run across the sandy beaches in my favorite chiffon feeling the ocean breeze and splashing around in the water. But it was during one of my climbing excursions with my two friends Hippie and Corona that I began to suspect that I wasn’t like my sisters.

We had just finished climbing to the top of a cliff and where resting. We began to chat about all sorts of things. Mostly about our studies and how are training was coming along. “I can’t believe that they expect us to learn how to fight with armaments at our age. I mean I can barely hold a sword they’re so heavy. How am I going to face my mother if I fail at this task?” I asked the two girls.

“Why are you so worried Athena? It’s not like you can truly disappoint your mother if you fail to master armaments. After you’re the Princess of the Amazons you will not fail. Even if you do it will only prove one thing.” Hippie stated.

“And that would be the fact that your mother spent to much time in the world of men letting them corrupt her. Honestly I can’t believe any well respecting Amazon would bring men here to help us. Men are so evil.” Corona said haughtily.

“You take that back! My mother is not corrupt and she’s your Queen. Besides all men are evil. Just look at what Arisha tried to do and she was one of us! If you girls have nothing nice to say I’m leaving. Good day!” I told them angrily and rushed back to the palace.

When I arrived was crying so hard. I just couldn’t believe the things those girls had said. My mother wasn’t bad. I needed to see my mother but I couldn’t find her anywhere. Thinking she might be in her room I entered even though I wasn’t allowed inside.

My mother’s room was even more richly furnished then my own. Her bed had beautiful curtains hanging on it. There were pieces of art all over the room and the marble floors glistened in the sun. The only thing that seemed out of place was a small brown box on my mother’s nightstand. I went over and picked it up. It was a simple brown box with a gold inlay pattern and a silver clasp on it. Wondering what could be in it I opened it up.

The first thing I saw was a bundle of letters. All of them were addressed to my mother. After reading a bit of the first one I discovered that it was a love letter. Sitting down on the bed I began to root through the rest of the box. I found a scrap of cloth that looked like it come from a tux. There were also two rings inside. One was an engagement ring the other a wedding band. The last things in the box where two photographs. One of them showed my mother dressed in her armor standing with six other people. From her stories I knew that this must be the Justice League. But I couldn’t figure out who the man was in the other picture. It looked like the photo had been taken in a park. My mother was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a blue green blouse and a headband. The man was wearing a polo shirt with blue jeans and had his arms wrapped around my mother. What struck me as odd is that he and I had the same eye coloring. I was just wondering if there was an explanation for the photo on the back when someone snatched it from my hands. I looked up startled to see my mother.

“What are you doing with this? I told you to never come into come into my room unless I was present! This stuff doesn’t belong to you. You know better then to go through other peoples things!” Mother yelled at me.

“I’m sorry Mother. I was looking for you and I couldn’t find you. So I came in here to see if you were around and stumbled onto the box. Mom who is that man in the photo? Was he a friend of the Justice League?” I asked

“That is none of your concern. Leave me now!” my mother ordered and I hurried out of the room scared, upset, and confused by what was going on. I didn’t see my mother sigh and look sadly at the photo crying.

I raced to my Grandmother’s room and ran straight into her arms. I told her everything that happened and she comforts me. Stroking my hair gently she said, “I know you’re sorry about what you did. But you have to understand those things are your mother’s only link to her past life. I made an exception the rule about no objects from the outside world because of what her friends did. You’ll understand one day. In the meantime I have something for you.” She gave me a beautiful gold necklace with an emerald crescent moon on the chain. I smiled and put it on.

Right after my eighth birthday I began to explore the underground entrance to Tarturous. I don’t know why I was so drawn there. I just knew that I loved tracing the inscriptions and wondering what was beyond the gate. I also start taking more risks, having fun, and pushed myself harder in my training. I would complain often to my mother the unnecessary need for me to do it. “We are at peace Mother. I may enjoy the training you put me through but its so boring at times. When will I need to use these skills you’ve taught me?”

“One day you will understand my little moon and stars. Just think maybe one day you will be called upon by the Gods to rescue mankind from its darkest hour. Wouldn’t you love to be a heroine like I was?” My mother asked me as we played in the surf.

“I guess but I’m still bored. I need something that’s more exciting and thrilling then archery or swordsmanship. Can I go now?” I asked. She nodded and I took off barely saying hello to my grandmother. She sat down on the rocks next to my mother and adjusted her tiara. “Trouble in paradise?” she asked pleasantly.

“Mother I’m just not sure about anything anymore. Athena is growing up so fast and she is resentful of my teaching her to be a great warrior as well as queen. She’s as curious as a kitten, feels that she doesn’t fit in here, and to top it all off the gifts the goddess gave her seem to be coming out negatively. I just don’t know what to do anymore.” Diana informed Hippolyta sadly.

“As I recall you were very much like Athena at that age. You hated being told what to do and felt like everything I put you through was for nothing. Diana Athena is just looking for a challenge that matches her. She is so much stronger and faster than the other girls her age. She is so smart and clever I bet she could best some of our adult warriors. One day she will appreciate all you put her through. As for not fitting in I can only say that it will pass. She is an Amazon like the rest of us. Her gifts may seem negative now but in time they will be used for positive means. Besides there are some traits she inherited from her family not the Gods that are also coming to play. Like you she has a sense of fairness and moral. From me she had inherited my determination. She will never leave a task undone.” Hippolyta explained.

“But she has also inherited Hades temper. You have seen that as well as certain traits that most likely came from Tyson. I hate hiding the truth about her heritage from her almost as much as I hate not telling her about her destiny. I know that it’s important that she grow up not knowing the truth. Still I can’t help but think that when she turns sixteen and I have to send her to the real world that she will get herself banished. I doubt the same circumstances that allowed me to come home will happen to her.” Diana confided to her mother.

“I understand your worry and believe me it wasn’t easy banishing you. But I believe that the Gods will make sure that nothing like that happens to her. Now come there is still much to do and you have eight more years before you have to confess anything to her.” Hippolyta told her helping her up. Together they walked back to the palace.

The years passed quickly for me. I became a fine warrior learning everything I could about fighting. But I still longed for a challenge that would test my skills. When I was fourteen I gained the ability to fly and was given an owlet for my birthday gift. (The symbol of Athena is an owl.) I named the owl Ulysses. It took me a full year to train him to hunt for me and deliver messages but it was worth it. He was my best friend. I could tell him anything. As I got older my mother and I had a more difficult time relating to one another. I suspect she was hiding something from me I just didn’t know what. Finally the day of my sixteenth birthday arrived and the bombshell was dropped on me.

The day started out like any other birthday. I put on my best chiffon and my crescent moon necklace. Signaling Ulysses to ride on my shoulder I ate a wonderful breakfast with my mother and grandmother. They even baked me a cake! All my favorites were served which made it even more special. I couldn’t wait until nightfall when my mother would give me my present. After breakfast we went to the stadium to watch my sisters perform for me. I marveled at the bull dancing, the swordplay, and my personal favorite hand-to-hand combat. When night fell my mother signaled the end of the festivities and told my sisters to get some rest. I looked at her confused. Usually she presents my gift in front of everyone.

“Mother what is going on? What about my gift?” I asked standing up.

“Athena don’t question me. Just follow me to the Temple of Athena. Your grandmother and I have something we want to talk to you about.” She said sharply. I was startled. My mother never spoke like that to me.

A few minutes later we arrived in the temple at the base of the statue dedicated to the goddess I was named after. This was one of my favorite places on the whole island. I waited for my mother to speak. She looked at me as if trying to commit my image to memory. She then spoke. “Athena as you know when you were born the priestess did a augur reading to discover what your destiny was. The reading was unclear. All that was known for certain is that you would be the champion of our world as well as Man’s. But I knew there was more then that.”

“Mother I don’t understand. If that was my destiny why not tell me?” I asked. I stroked Ulysses breast in order to calm both of us down.

“It’s complicated Athena. Your mother found out about a part of your destiny years before you were born. While in the outside world. But that’s not all that happened.” Grandmother said softly.

My mother picked up that brown box I had gone through as a child and opened it up. She picked up the photo of her with the strange man and held it out for me. “While I was in New York City I met a man by the name Tyson Bay. He was the most handsome, kindest, wonderfullest man I have ever met. We fell in love Athena. I planned to marry him and spend the rest of my life with him. But it wasn’t meant to be. The Gods wanted me to return to Themyscira, but they knew I wouldn’t if I had to abandon the man I loved. So they stepped in and did something about it.”

“A week before the wedding they entered Tyson’s dream and informed him that the God of the dead was going to take his life, but since he was a pure soul he wouldn’t end up in Tartorous. Instead his soul would merge with that of the child we both wanted. So I guess you could say that Tyson is your spiritual father. I didn’t break my vows of abstinences. The gods gave you to me. In exchange for all that I would return here to become Queen and you would be protected from harm by Hades himself.” My mother finished explaining looking at me sadly.

I was stunned. I was angry, upset, and hurt. “Why didn’t you tell me all this before now? How could you fall in love Mother I thought our teachings were that men aren’t equals. Am I real Amazon or a fake because of this? And why would the God of the Dead offer me protection after taking the life of the man you loved? This just doesn’t make sense!” I yelled at her.

“Oh Athena I wanted to tell you I really did, but I had sworn to someone that I wouldn’t reveal your heritage until you were sixteen. To answer your next question it’s easy to fall in love with a man. Even your grandmother fell in love once. You will always be an Amazon no matter what.” My mother said hugging me tightly.

“The reason Hades would offer you protection is because he is in a way your grandfather. Don’t look so surprised. You knew that I had once had an affair with Hades. He helped me sculpt your mother. It wasn’t until he was gone that I breathed life into her. You inherited his temper, my determination, and your mother’s sense of fairness and morality. But all of this doesn’t mean you’re a bad person or your any less of an Amazon then the rest of us.” Grandmother said to me also hugging me.

After awhile we let go of one another. I was still upset and angry for them both withholding the truth, but I didn’t hate them. “What now? You obviously have more to say and you brought me to the temple for a reason. I like to know what it is.”

“It is time that you journey to the outside world. You will go to New York City and in Manhattan you will go to the First National Bank on Wall Street. Give this key to a teller and say your name is Athena Themyscira and you like to open safety deposit box 323. Everything will be made clear to you once you finish going through the contents. I’d also advice wearing something other then chiffon. Fashion has changed a lot.” My mother instructed me.

That’s when my grandmother stepped forward with the Sacred Amazonian Armor. I gasped in amazement. I had always dreamed of seeing my mother wearing it while she represented our people. That armor was forged by Hephatitus and blessed by all the goddess of the Parathon. My grandmother and mother smiled at me and handed it to me. “You will need this in your journey. The armor is enchanted to fit the champion of the Amazons and that is you. Take it and put it on.”

Shedding my clothing and handing my necklace to my mother I started to put on the armor. First the breastplate went on. Next came the boots. I slapped on the bracelets and put on the earrings. I looked at the tiara before I put it on. My grandmother had altered the tiara slightly. Inside the big red star was a smaller yellow star to represent two generations of champions. The last thing I did was clip the lasso to my belt. I was done. I stood there proudly. “Well how do I look?” I asked nervously.

“You look fine my daughter. Now I’ve told you before about the all the powers of the armor so you shouldn’t have any problems. I already took the liberty of packing for you so here you go. But there’s one more thing you need before you and Ulysses leaves. Take this mask. Wear it the first time you battle in the armor then you’ll never have to wear it again.” My mother said handing me a simple black mask. It would cover my eyes and go down my cheeks leaving my mouth the only visible part of my face. I took it and stuck it along with my necklace in the bag. I then hugged my mother and grandmother one last time promising to send letters home via Ulysses. Then I turned and flew away.

When I arrived in New York I used the money I discovered in my bag to purchase a blue t-shirt with a red star on it and blue jeans with white sneakers. I then headed for the bank and told Ulysses to wait for me outside. After telling the bank teller everything and showing my key I was left alone in the safety deposit boxes and opened mine. I found several legal documents, a photo of my mother and father at their wedding rehearsal and a letter addressed to me. I opened it up and began to read.

Dear Athena, if you are reading this letter it must mean that my dream has come true and I have passed on. It must be a shock for you to discover that your mother had fallen in love and gotten engaged, but I think the bigger shock was finding out about me being your father. I wish I had been there to see you grow up, but I have to believe that your Gods knew what they were doing when they took my life. I want you to know that you have inherited more then just my eyes my daughter. You have my sense of adventure, humor, my desire to help people, and most of all my curiosity. All are good qualities, which I hope, help you out in your life. I left my entire fortune, business, and everything else of major value to you and your mother. I knew that one day you come to NYC so I have made arraignments for you. The legal documents explain everything and I’m sure my lawyer Mr. Forrest will be happy to explain anything you don’t understand. Congratulations on your sweet sixteen and have a great life. Love your father Tyson Bay.”

I found myself crying. This man, my father had left me his entire fortune. That was 3 trillion dollars. What was I going to do with it all? I left the bank with the documents only to discover a limo waiting for me. My chaffer Alan helped me inside and off we went. I had a video email conference with Mr. Forrest on my affairs and arrived at the Majestic Plaza my new home. I had the top two floors as my penthouse suite. Everything inside reminded me of home. I looked at one of the documents. It was my school admission forms. I was to attend the Athens All Girls Academy. I also had to wear a uniform, which consisted of black dress shoes, tall white socks, a blue pleated skirt, and blue blouse. I hated wearing it.

The school wasn’t so bad. Mrs. Athens, (The great granddaughter of the founder,) was surprised to meet me. I was one of the richest girls around and she found it a surprise that Tyson Bay would claim me as his daughter. Still she couldn’t refuse my admission. I made a lot of friends including Helen Troy who introduced me to the game of volleyball, which I rocked at. Still I was confused at times. Who was I really? Was I an Amazon or a regular person?

I got my answer one night as I walked home down Fifth Avenue when I saw a crime in progress. Three punks had broken into an expensive clothing boutique and were ripping the store off. Not going to happen on my watch. I hid in an alley and shed my cloths till only my armor was showing. I then put the mask on my face and flew back to the store. “Maybe I’m naïve, but I seem to recall that store hours are from nine to five. I’m going to have to ask you boys to put down your purchases and put your hands up.” I said with a lot more confidence then I felt.

The three punks took one look at me and laughed. “Who do you think you are girly? Why don’t you take that reject Halloween costume with you and leave.” The leader of the punks suggested to me. He pointed his gun at me just daring me to move.

I reached down and pulled the entire cash register desk and flung it at them. They ran screaming to avoid being crushed. I took to the air using my speed to outmaneuver them and my bracelets to deflect the shots. I used all my training to force the punks into a tight corner where I flung my lasso on them. “Goddess give me strength.” I called out pulling tightly on the rope. The three punks dropped their weapons and fell unconscious. I waited till the police to arrive. “There all yours sir. They gave me a little trouble, but I handle them well.” I said to the police officer.

“Thank you for your help. These punks have been looting stores all down this street for weeks. We never would have caught them if it wasn’t for your help Ms.? What was your name again?” the officer asked.

“Wonder Girl sir. My name is Wonder Girl. I’ve got to be going now bye.” I said to him. As I left the boutique I passed a mirror. I glanced at it and was shocked to see my mask wasn’t there. Instead my reflection showed my face but it was older looking. Like I was nineteen or twenty. The mask magic would allow me to attend school and be a heroine.

So that’s my story. I’m a lot more sure of who I am now. I enjoy having all this cash so my needs are taken care of, but I do give a lot of it away to charity. I still play volleyball and fight crime. I finally have found a challenge that’s worthy of my skills.

Kali's work. I was extreamly unhappy and bored stuck in the pysch ward for the past week.
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Was your time in hospital okay? I wouldn't like to be stuck in a ward for a week! Especially not for Christmas! :(
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no not really
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